Our sales operations are divided as B2B and B2C locally and globally across 3 companies spreading over a sales channel force of more than 30.000 locally.

We work with pharmaceutical and medical, beauty & personal care distributors as well as hospitals in our B2B business.

We have 8 different B2C channel categories of pharmacies, personal care and beauty shops,

global/local market chains, whole salers, discount markets, e-commerce and m-commerce .

Product Categories

Kurtsan Group has over 500 unique products in three distinct industries.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Products are either prescribed or sold through pharmaceutical and medical distributors to independent pharmacies.

Medical Sales Teams
Pharmacies / Monthly
Retail Stores / Monthly

Kurtsan’s pharmaceutical and medical sales teams, around 300 strong, cover over 25,000 pharmacies and another 10,000 retail stores monthly.

Kurtsan Consumer products on the other hand are sold through Beauty Stores, Supermarkets, Online marketplaces, Flagship Online Stores, Pharmacies and Independent Beauty Stores worldwide.

Otaci products can be readily found in 20+ countries. Most significant and globally recognized retail partners include Gratis, Watsons, Rossmann, Walmart, Costco, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Magnit, Amazon etc.

Kurtsan also partners with global brands such as Salvelox and 3M Nexcare as a distributor, whilst providing top-level Private Label services.