The story of this brand is the story of a real Otacı, Niyazi Kurtsan and the generations he raised. He was fascinated by the power of nature at a young age and devoted himself to healing those around him with the plants, language, art and fertility of the lands he felt belonged to.

Despite being excluded from the exchange, Niyazi Kurtsan is the child of a family that set out to live in Turkey; He is the son of an immigrant from an immigrant family who insisted, “Whatever happens, I will go to my homeland, to my flag and have my children educated there.” After immigrating from a village in Greece to Bandırma on foot at the age of 15, he started a new life by selling candy apples with his adoptive family in the market in Bandırma; He is unaware that 47 years from now, he will establish a factory producing lozenges, shampoos and medicines on an 80-decare land here, and that he will provide employment to 320 families like the adoptive family. Works such as confectionery and soap making, which he did at the age of 15, will inspire him to create the herbal natural cosmetics market in Turkey and the herbal lozenges for which he received the first domestic medicine patent of Turkey in the future. Because Niyazi Kurtsan’s story changes when he loves a 7-year-old colt, but when his head is split with his farm, the day his grandfather rubs a plant on his wound from among the bushes and gets well soon with the medicine he makes from the plants, without getting infected, without getting infected, when he is amazed by the healing power of nature.

Niyazi Kurtsan’s childhood passes with migrations, wars and hunger tests, where he is satisfied with a quarter of a loaf of bread a day. Despite this, he grows up as a child in love with nature, art and literature; difficult circumstances cannot prevent him from painting state-award winning paintings, finding and playing musical instruments, or writing award-winning stories. He meets literature and philosophy in high school; Descartes is his teacher, libraries are home. He feeds on painting, music, literature and philosophy, lives in libraries.

During his university admissions, he comes to Istanbul to enter a free school with his very good grades and all his high school savings. He sleeps in parks and gardens, hungry for money; He looks for a profession to earn a living. Niyazi Kurtsan, who fell ill as a result of all these wars, hunger and struggle, could not go to the Faculty of Medicine even though he entered the Faculty of Medicine. When he gets better, he starts boarding pharmacy with a state scholarship. He visits Rubens exhibitions in one pocket and pharmacognosy book exhibitions in the other, and meets Cemal Tollu and becomes a student at Fine Arts; his nights are spent with chemistry lessons and pictures. When his love for art is combined with science in the future, it will lead to products that lead to new markets with both their packages and their contents.

He finishes the faculty in a long time because he does not believe in standard patterns. He believes that what should be given importance is to chase the universal culture beyond being a good student; he pursues a comprehensive generation of general culture ranging from chemistry formulas to fine arts, literature, calligraphy, etymology and philosophy. Industriousness is not enough, for success, “the profession should be carried out with a universal culture, it is necessary to constantly change your point of view, to blend results and to produce innovative views”.

After graduating from the faculty, he established his first pharmacy in Kocamustafapaşa in 1955. At a train station, he meets Ms. Meral, who will be not only his wife but also his life partner and partner in the future. He tells her that he has serious intentions in life and is looking for a wife who will join him and support him while achieving these goals. Mrs. Meral will marry Niyazi on the condition that she educates herself. He always reminds him of this promise, he will be a pharmacist like his wife, and he will manage the pharmacy while Niyazi Bey chases his discoveries like a swordsman when necessary. She raises two children, looks after a family and home, and works at the same time. Today, Meral Kurtsan is a wife, mother, grandmother who still works every day from morning to night, goes to her pharmacy, stays in the factory they founded, and is a Member of the Board of Directors at the Holding, where her grandchildren work.

There will be four pharmacists in the family they have established, and their daughters will not graduate from the colleges they have won, but will graduate from public school on time and take their place in the struggle for life. Migrations, wars, struggles, all members of the family work. These 4 generations go like this for Niyazi Kurtsan’s family and the generations he will raise; Men and women in the family always contribute to employment. One of the most different aspects of the family, women are never humbled; From Niyazi’s mother to her granddaughters, 4 generations of women derive their strength from hard work and perseverance; In the Kurtsan family, the woman represents the acumen.

Meanwhile, the foundations of today’s Kurtsan Holding were laid in the laboratory established under the pharmacy in Kocamustafapaşa, with sales of mulberry syrup, tincture diode and oxygen produced in small bottles. Niyazi Bey is a chemist and likes to mix things up like a scientist. He wonders, experiments; At the beginning of the 50s, when Turkey did not even meet with oralet, she wanted to make time-resistant orange extract and drink orange juice in summer and winter. He accelerates his experiments when his work goes well; It tries to bring the health-beneficial miracles of nature, plants such as sage, mint, and eucalyptus to consumers.

Niyazi Kurtsan walks in areas that no one cares about or believes in; on the contrary, he searches for these areas; callus patch, soap. He likes to stand in the middle, takes inspiration from his past, blends it with the knowledge of life; His field of study is medicine, and soap business, where he worked as a child with his uncle from Milas. The pharmacist cannot make soap, the soap maker is medicine. Niyazi Bey’s ability in life is exactly this; He is a scientist and an artist who blends intermediate fields. It creates the company from markets where others say “no, you can’t”.

Family work; mother moved to Sirkeci and manages it as Büyük Pharmacy, girls from middle school and grandchildren from a young age, box boxes, Niyazi Kurtsan pursues brand new works, so Kurtsan Laboratory was founded in ’69 as Kurtsan İlaçları A.Ş. It is possible. Despite those who tried to prevent him, Niyazi Kurtsan has opened the horizon of a business life that will grow for 4 generations by having his wife study. And the name “Kurtsan” established will be a turning point in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry as the first local company to obtain not one but three patents. The first step on the road to the Otacı brand in the 80’s was the “throat lozenge”. Niyazi, who has set his mind to make a menthol lozenge with herbs, goes to Şekerci Hacıbekir, and starts Turkey’s first herbal medicine with many innovative trial and error methods. Niyazi, who reads a Turkish dictionary in his spare time, says “ok” when he comes across the word “Otacı”, which is called folk physicians who treat themselves with the power of nature before the concept of doctor in pure Turkish does not exist yet. The word represents medicine, healing, history and pure Turkish, it is an invaluable gem in his eyes.

He is a man in love with Turkey; to come on foot with the population exchange, to establish a factory that will provide employment for 320 families in the first city in Anatolia, to read a Turkish dictionary in his spare time, to get his family in a car to tour both the nature and culture of Anatolia, and most importantly, to admire the flora of Anatolia. For this reason, a pure Turkish brand, Otacı, dedicates its life and the generations that follow, to producing single lozenges, soaps and shampoos containing Anatolian herbs in a factory in Turkey. Being Anatolian, being local was once a longing, a goal; now it is an achievement, a pride.

With the Otacı brand, Niyazi Kurtsan presents his story that he lived quietly, humbly and with extraordinary effort, and that he took care to develop his surroundings while creating himself by deserving of nothing. When those who understand the Otacı brand define it, they describe Niyazi Kurtsan; hardworking, original, reliable, self-contained, introverted, out of fashion, well-read, knowledgeable, respected, veteran, just like Niyazi Kurtsan, just like our founder.