What the Foundation’s Goals Are

To keep abreast of scientific research and advancements in the fields of pharmacy, medical drugs, sanitary wares, cosmetics, and food-diet products; to conduct studies and practices that will benefit our country and humanity; to support cultural and artistic studies, to raise young people who are successful in their fields and to take part in social activities; and to assist, particularly poor and talented young people, in continuing their education.

Kurtsan Science, Art, and Education Foundation

Kurtsan Science, Art and Education Foundation; Niyazi Kurtsan, Meral Kurtsan, Meltem Kurtsan, Deniz Kurtsan, Sabiha Tansug, with the official deed of the foundation dated 10 December 1993, with the belief that science and art are the strongest foundations in the education and elevation of people, to serve the society and humanity and contribute to the social and cultural developments of the society. , Hamdiye Peksoy and Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals Inc. were founded After Niyazi Kurtsan’s death, his wife Meral Kurtsan became the President of the Foundation and their daughter Meltem Kurtsan became the Vice President.

Our offerings

The foundation was established to operate in the following service areas for its purpose.

Scientific Activities

To foster collaboration between international scientific research institutions, to ensure knowledge and experience transfer by keeping track of scientific advancements, to support studies on scientific research and technological development, to apply modern developments that are advantageous to human health, and to support studies on these activities.

Economic Activities

To work toward increasing and promoting investments that will benefit the pharmaceutical profession and the industry of medical drugs, sanitary ware, cosmetics, and food-diet products; to conduct studies to educate the public about the cost-effective use of drugs, sanitary wares, and food-diet products in the most beneficial manner for human health; to take on technology transfer, know-how, and licensing initiatives; the pharmaceutical industry’s modernization, standardization, and quality control.

Educational Activities

To open schools, vocational courses, health institutions, and similar educational institutions, faculties, and universities related to the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy profession and health issues; to improve the general education level in education and training institutions opened for education; To take initiatives to give success and aid scholarships to poor and talented students.

Art and Culture Activities

Organizing research and outreach initiatives for art and culture on a national and international scale; promoting the acquisition, preservation, and display of art and cultural works; founding and supporting existing museums; supporting and assisting artists; and encouraging and rewarding artists

Public Relations Activities

Publishing brochures, bulletins, video cassettes, films, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and books on purpose and service issues; To organize conferences, panels, symposiums, panels, forums, exhibitions, summer camps and schools, festivals, competitions, festivals, and scientific meetings,

Support Activities

To meet the production, distribution and marketing, technology, manpower and employment, equipment, materials, and other needs of the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical institutions it is associated with, to increase its impact on the country’s industry and economy, to support the development of its facilities and to serve them better,

Implementation and Revenue Activities

Establishing economic enterprises, partnerships, and companies for the purposes and service subjects of the Foundation,

Other Activities

To carry out the operations and studies required by the purpose and service subjects