A young entrepreneur and a revolutionary scientist, Niyazi Kurtsan, planted the seeds of ‘Kurtsan’ at
a compact pharmacy in Istanbul, 70 years ago with the vision of healing people through the power of
nature. At a time when ‘herbal medicines’ and ‘natural living’ were just a dream to many, Niyazi
Kurtsan developed pharmaceuticals, remedies and cosmetics from the miraculous plants of Anatolia,
Turkey. Today, Kurtsan is one of Turkey’s leading family-owned businesses in manufacturing, selling
and distributing pharmaceuticals, medical devices and personal care products. The company’s
products are sold in more than 30.000 selling points/stores locally and in 25 countries globally.
Kurtsan is managing currently 23 brands including locally valuable brands such as Otacı, Roll and
Tuba as well as globally recognized brands such as Salvelox, 3M Nexcare or PIC.