The three-generation story of Kurtsan Holding, which includes brands such as Otaci, Roll, and Kurtsan, continues to break new ground in the Turkish medical industry.

The foundations of Kurtsan Group of Companies, which has grown confidently by always keeping human health at the forefront, were laid 65 years ago in Gunes Pharmacy, which was opened in Istanbul by a young pharmacist. In these years, when concepts such as “natural life” and “alternative medicine” were not common yet, Pharmacist Niyazi Kurtsan was a successful entrepreneur who made it his mission to develop medicines and healthy products from plants. He is also a creative and productive scientist.

A Door To The World From Pharmacy

Today, within the Kurtsan group of companies; Kurtsan Pharmaceuticals Inc., which specializes in dermatology and cold medicines, produces and distributes medical materials such as medical plasters, adhesive plasters and orthopedics, and Kurtsan Medical Inc., known for its Roll brand. and Otaci, a well-known brand of herbal lozenges, natural supplements, and herbal hair and skin care, with the vision of the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to healthy life from nature.

Niyazi Bey, who devoted himself to his work and family, drew his wife Meral Kurtsan and later his daughters Meltem Kurtsan and Deniz Kurtsan into the water of that rudder, that is, pharmacy, by explaining and inculcating them with logic. However, they have come a long way in their personal development and institutionalization of their companies by putting one stone another.

The Story From Kocamustafapaşa To Three Generatıons

Saltuk Karayalçın and Duygu Nahum are the 3rd generation members of the Kurtsan family. Their professional life in Kurtsan companies started in 2015 with the support and trust of their families. Two basic rules have been their compass in transferring this value, which their grandfathers established in Kocamustafapaşa with great difficulties and raised by their grandmothers and mothers, from generation to generation.

The first is the conditions for gaining professional experience and promotion according to company constitutions, and the second is to comply with the corporate organizational structure. These two young leaders have succeeded in the corporate organization steps in their own companies as well as in the international institutions they have worked for before.

Today, Duygu and Saltuk work hard to design the future of their companies, with their professional managers in executive positions and independent Board members as Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Today, Kurtsan Companies continues its existence as one of the important values of Turkey, which attaches importance to women’s employment, is a pioneer in environmental awareness, and is surrounded by innovative, experienced staff and young talents. We asked the new generation members of this company for the first quarter of 2022 evaluations and the work done for Business World Global.

How are you now in your story that has lasted for three generations?

Kurtsan Companies is a family of approximately 500 people. Thanks to this team, which created brands such as Otacı, Roll, and Kurtsan İlaçları, which are among the important values of our country, it has managed to overcome the pandemic process by growing compared to the previous year and its targets. We made a very strong start to this year, as we did last year, thanks to the outstanding efforts of our entire team, especially our CEO Aylin Kurt, and the experience of our professional Board members. We are experiencing the excitement of working arm in arm with our teammates that we have been away from in this new normalization period. With this motivation, our priority in 2022 has been to increase the human resources investments of our companies, which are on their way to becoming employer brands.

-What are your expectations for 2022? Can you tell us about your new investments and moves?

As it is known, 2022 has been a year that started with the increase in global energy prices, supply and supply chain problems, increasing raw material costs, and currency fluctuations. However, as a company, we focused on the sharp analysis of increasing costs, increasing our production and management efficiency, digitalization in all areas, and staying true to our performance targets, by taking the right position in this regard without compromising our sustainability and ethical rules.

We have taken steps to grow our business with important new product investments and collaborations, which we expect to return in the long term. In this period, we took steps that we planned down to the smallest detail, such as comprehensive efficiency and automation investments, process management systems investments, production capacity increases, digitalization investments in the field, and R&D Center investments in our factory and warehouses.

-What did you do about digitalization?

The 6 Sigma teams we have formed in production and the continuous improvements made have enabled us to raise our production quality, which is already made by GMP standards, to a higher level. With the interdepartmental integration processes of our ERP systems, we have implemented important applications that directly contribute to efficiency in our technological infrastructure. Thanks to the efficiency we achieved in our supply chain and production processes, we managed to minimize the effects of this difficult quarter.

You have many products in the health sector. How do your products attract attention in the market?

As one of Turkey’s 35 pharmaceutical R&D centers, it has developed nearly 140 formulas, 7 patents it has applied for during the pandemic, and scientific articles published as a result of university collaborations, by researching Turkey’s herbs and traditional treatment methods, making herbal medicines, supplements and personal care products. We offer care products to domestic and international markets. Otacı Rose Cure skincare series as a result of our studies especially on rose water of Isparta, Clinical dandruff and hair care products specially created for pharmacies on the effects of garlic on hair, and Ota, which was developed with the effects of many of our plants such as marshmallow flower and thyme on colds and immunity. food supplements are some of the R&D activities we have carried out recently. In addition, we have started cooperation with the universities of our country. Skincare products, which we developed especially for acne and problematic skin, inspired by the 38-year-old Otal formula of the pharmacist Kurtsan family, esteemed students, and professors of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University, are also on the shelves today.

-We know that you have a place in the world market, what position are you in now?

In order to explain the healing of Anatolian herbs to the world and to create a global herbal beauty brand originating in Turkey, we have succeeded in offering the Otacı brand for sale through the largest chains in the US and European markets. We started to experience the positive effect of increasing the share of our exports in our turnover on our companies. We are proud to both contribute to the country’s economy and promote our healing lands.

-We heard that you have a record rate of employment in women’s employment. What is the latest status?

Our founder and grandfather Pharm. Niyazi Kurtsan’s importance to women’s employment, on the path paved by women pioneers such as Meral Kurtsan, Meltem Kurtsan, and Deniz Kurtsan, we have nearly 60% female employees in our Otacı and Bandırma factory, 80% female rate in our board of directors and CEO, R&D Manager, Pharmaceuticals. We are proud of continuing for 3 generations with our valuable female leaders in many critical positions such as Group Sales & Marketing Manager.